Outdoor Living Space Inspirations

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Outdoor Spaces

i know that some of you are experiencing winter storms, so this post will is probably more about cabin fever. here in california, our thoughts are turning to entertaining outdoors. i'm busy thinking about our little patio that is home to our outdoor table. you see, every spring when we set up this outdoor area we string our glass lights to our umbrella. well, when we get a windy day the lights inevitably get broken. you would think we would learn our lesson and string them up differently, but oh no... we string them up the same every year! so this spring we finally realized that we need to install a different system. i've been on a mission to find some inspiration! oh my goodness, if you haven't found the wonderful app pinterest, you need to! it is a site that is flowing with ideas and it can take up hours of your day! there is no shortage of outdoor living space ideas. so, pinterest here i come! i've come up with some inspirations for outdoor lighting as well as some fun decorating ideas!

~ a note about the nester ~

when we moved from seattle to california, we loaded up a huge moving van. when we finally got unpacked we were so excited to cook outside in our new yard. well, once we lit the bbq the thing immediately burst into flames. seriously the fire was wafting in the air about three to four feet high! well the flames didn't go away and we had to bravely cover the thing with it's lid. of course, we had to laugh that we had it moved all the way to our new house, only for it to burn! well, we ended up buying a new bbq and the great california weather has been kind to it.

photo source:House of Hepworths

i love this idea of placing the wooden poles in a cute flower pot. i showed this to my husband and he liked the idea too. of course, he was thinking that it should probably be placed in cement. i kind of agree that this would make them heavier and less likely to tip over.

photo source:Homedit

what a gorgeous outdoor room! i would love to have a room like this above our pool. oh well, i can continue to dream of a beautiful outdoor room!

check out those fun and unique bales of hay! what a clever idea to make them into chairs. i would probably add some padding to the seats, but then again maybe hay is comfy? i love this outdoor space.

photo source: Home Talk

i love this home made mason jar chandelier, wow! it is so clever and looks like it is pretty easy to make!

photo source: The Wife Life

photo source:Mothology

this is a beautiful planter. mothology has great products, i just may have to shop a little.

buy on amazon: Fire Pit

we have a perfect spot for a fire pit. for the longest time we couldn't figure out what the rock slab was used for, and then one day it hit me... a fire pit. so maybe this summer we will buy one of these cool pits in which we can roast marshmallows and enjoy the fire.

buy on amazon: cute outdoor table

i'm looking for a white table to go in between our two ikea lounge chairs. this might be perfect for them. this table sure is cute and would be great for the outdoors since it is metal.

here are our two ikea chairs that need a little table between them. what do you think? will the little round white table work?

buy on amazon: outdoor rug

our outdoor rug is pretty faded and needing to be replaced. i'm loving this one from amazon and it would go nicely with our avocado green umbrella! hmm...

happy spring and i hope this post of living space inspirations jump starts your outdoor planning! i can't wait to hang out in our backyard! during the summer months we eat most dinners outside. do you have an outdoor space that you enjoy? I would love to hear about your yard, so write a comment down below!


The Painted Fox Farmhouse Swag

The Painted Fox Has Beautiful Home Decor

The Painted Fox

i hope those of you who live on the east coast are all surviving the nasty snowy storms! i remember living in vermont and surviving the long winters, and so my heart goes out to you who are dealing with the endless amounts of snow. i have one funny moment of dealing with the winter, i was out washing the car on a sheet of ice and my feet slipped totally upwards. my little bucket and i landed right down on my bottom. i immediately commented to my husband and that i wanted to move back to southern california! yes, i'm a wimp when it comes to cold climate living.

here in the west coast we are beginning to think about spring. our chinese magnolia trees have gorgeous pink blossoms, the wild yellow mustard is along every hillside, and the grass is that happy spring green color. my thoughts are turning toward the outdoors. we have a lovely patio that becomes our outdoor dining room. during the summer months we basically have every dinner outside. so you are probably wondering where i'm going with this post... i recently received some beautiful tin cake stands that i think will be a perfect addition to any outdoor or indoor dinning room. so i thought i would share a little entertaining inspiration! these lovely rustic tin cake stands from the painted fox treasures are just a few beautiful items. jen and christine are the founders and owners of this online retailer. they specialize in fabulous farmhouse decor. jen and christine are best friends who love treasure hunting! these two have a great eye for products that will look amazing in anyone's home. i'm so lucky to have met them on instagram! and i'm so happy to share some of their "farmhouse swag!"

all these lovely photos were taken by the talented, daidri smythe of thee getaway gal. she not only takes beautiful photos, but also is a great hiker! when we aren't hiking the hills of san francisco, we are hauling our props three miles through woods to find the perfect photo location!

i'm in love with these very unique cake stands. i'm happy to add these to my every growing collection! the cool thing about this trio is that they are all different heights and widths. the biggest is amazingly large and all three add a ton of interest to any table. they are so pretty outdoors and i could see them for a buffet, a party or a wedding. the possibilities are endless! here's the link: farmhouse tinwork platforms

the little bowls (farmhouse polka dot bowl set) are adorable too, and they come in sets of three. they remind me of the pottery i saw in the shops in provence, france. the polka dots are way too cute and festive.
so, the other great thing in the photo is the wine glasses markers. you place your guest names on their glasses and it makes it easy for them to keep track of their drinks. what a clever idea! you can find these markers here: glass markers

a event would not be complete with some type of dessert and preferably cupcakes. we have a local bay area company, kara's cupcakes that have delicious cupcakes!

i hope you get a chance to check out their website: painted fox treasures. thanks for your visit and i hope you have a wonderful week. drop me a line i would love to hear from you. what things would you like to see more of? leave a comment and let me know.


Girl's San Francisco Getaway Shopping Trip

welcome, and thanks so much for taking a moment to visit my blog. i hope your winter is off to a good start, and i hope some of you are surviving some of the nasty winter storms that are hitting parts of our nation. so, for spring inspiration i thought i would write a post for a girl's getaway in san francisco. if you aren't able to hop a plane and make the trip, i hope you can enjoy my post and virtually travel through my photos and my descriptions. since, moving to san francisco about five years ago, i love exploring all the nooks and crannies of this wonderful city by the bay. i'm amazed that i continue to find new neighborhoods, restaurants, and shops that are all so unique and cool. as predicted i have fallen in love with this wonderful city and now, i truly understand that sappy saying, "i left my heart in san francisco!"

i recently found a partner in crime for my little excursions into the city, and her name is marci. she shares my obsession and love for san francisco! so, once a month, while our kiddos are in school, we sneak away to the city. we decide on a neighborhood that we want to explore, and wander to our hearts content. so, today i'm sharing with you one of our little adventures that would make a wonderful girl's getaway.

~ a funny note about the nester ~

i am the youngest in a family of five kids, my mother was a kind of harried parent. so, one summer vacation when i was about 10 years old, she made me pack my clothes for our trip. well, let's just say i wasn't quite ready for this responsibility, and i packed all warm climate clothes. on the second day of our vacation, we had to stop and buy me some summer clothes! this traumatic event, has stayed with me into adulthood and is now manifested in a slight compensation of over packing for trips!

ok, let's get started on this san francisco's girl's trip!

first stop...

california flower market
640 brannan street
san francisco, california
website link

the san francisco california flower market appears to be an endless row of warehouses that sells every kind of flower you can think of. upon arrival, you can't help but notice the signs that mention you must have a flower market badge to enter. being the model citizen (my husband calls me this nickname) i was a little concerned, but we had no problem entering and buying flowers. a little side note, some only accept cash while other growers did take our credit cards.

for this post, we visited the flower market in the fall, and so they had all these gorgeous wreaths for sale. of course, it didn't take much coercing for both marci and me to buy wreaths for our front doors. the wreaths as you can see are so beautiful and both of ours dried quite nicely. recently, i went back to the market and thought maybe they would still have these wreaths, but it appears that it is a seasonal item... bummer.

the market has two rows of buildings, and one side has stores with window fronts, you'll find a couple shops selling every type of orchid you can dream of. 

i just swooned over these metal vases! i wanted to buy a few of them, but we couldn't find anyone tending this booth. hmm, maybe next trip.

next stop... 

the butler and the chef
155 south park street
san francisco, california 94107

after perusing the incredible flower market, you'll be so happy to eat at this cute french cafe. ok, what are the chances that i would get a photo with the french chef, and let's say the guy to the left is the butler! hehehe!

if you just plopped me into this cafe, i would think i was in paris! it is so bright and festive and the air is filled with such amazing aromas.

if you happen to visit the butler and the chef, you must order the croque monsieur... it is somewhat comparable to our grilled cheese sandwich, but exceeds it in a gourmet taste. as some of you probably know, the croque monsieur has another layer of ham in between the cheese and the top layer of the sandwich is coated in a rich layer creme fraiche cheese that is toasted to perfection. this is a lovely, cafe and you really feel like you have been whisked away to france, it is a must see.

next stop... just around the corner

449 octavia street
san francisco, california  94102

the marvelous miette bakery is a san francisco gem of a shop! can you see a theme happening here? french food, now french dessert... well, this bakery and candy shop is over the top gorgeous! they have another shop in the ferry building in san francisco, but this is a bigger location. from the outside to the inside, your senses will be hit with pink and delectable sweets! marci and i just gasped and waited to enter the shop, we wanted to take it all in... yes, we are happy nerds in a big way!

oh my, the colors are just gorgeous eye candy!

one of everything, pleeeease...

it is a somewhat petite shop, but every inch of the shop is decorated in a delightful style that tempts you to buy all these delicious sweets! martha stewart, move over.

next stop... 

508 hayes street
san francisco, california
website link

ok, now for a little retail therapy! you've gotta love the front window of this shop. you'll find that it is a small store, but happily packed with wonderful stationary, gifts, books and small home decor. they carry a lot of rifle paper products and even their store bags are specially printed by rifle. i asked the clerk about their beautifully printed bags and she mentioned that they were one of the first shops to carry rifle paper, so they receive special treatment from this popular and growing company! i would say that it is well deserved, since this a very special shop!

well, i hope you have enjoyed this little excursion and this ends our tour. if you do travel to the bay area, make sure to visit a few of these little gems that are off the beaten path. i'm certain you won't be disappointed. 

i would like to share with you, that my goal for this year, is to make this a monthly habit. so you will see more posts of our san francisco shannigans. so make sure you return for another fun trip to some pretty special places. 


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