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when it comes to decorating it is a long process for me to find the exact item for each space. i've been looking for a container for my succulents and i wanted it to match the green on my front porch.  i wasn't able to find a garden pot, so i realized that i needed to think outside the box. the most obvious choice was to use a baking container.  i was recently in home goods and i found this wonderful green chantel baking dish. i knew the moment that i eyed it, that it would match my porch decor perfectly!  the rest is history.  i have found that succulents are the best plant for my outdoor garden, it survives my brown thumb neglect.  i hope you are enjoying your summer and thanks so much for stopping by.  here is the post for the rest of the week:

friday ~ my latest inspirations

sunday ~ learn what eco-friendly product i'm using to keep the deer from destroying my roses!

i put a layer of small pebbles on the bottom of the pot for drainage and then combined about 2/3 potting soil mixed with 1/3 sand. 

here is a view of my front porch. i just love these chairs and our sunbrella pillows.

we have been busy working on our garden and so, here are the outdoor lights we recently bought at target.  this year we decided to get lights that are have a outer metal shade to protect the light bulb. every summer we have had too many lights break and then we have glass near out pool. so,  i'm hoping that these string lights prove to be a good investment. i just love the look of them on our deck above our pool.  

Chasing Paper a Temporary Wallpaper

Chasing Paper

Removable wallpaper appears to be hitting the interior decorating market. And as you can see we have happily embraced this home decor trend. Chasing Paper's creative ideas and products have been featured in Martha Stewart Wedding, House Beautiful, Real Simple and to name a few. The founder, Elisabeth Rees grew up in the printing industry and paper was her life as was decorating. So, naturally the removable wallpaper was born. Lucky for us, her company is creating gorgeous papers.

~ A Little Note About the Nester ~

While I was in high school, my mom went on a wallpaper kick. I quickly learned how to install it and I ended up helping her put up wallpaper in almost every room in our house. I guess you can say I have a lot of experience when it comes to installing the wallpaper!

Photo source: Chasing Paper

I've always wanted to have a chalkboard wall but never had the courage to devote a whole wall in our home. I'm a little disappointed that all, I mean all our walls have a texture. So, the only wall I can apply (needs to have a smooth surface and a matte paint) the paper to is the back of our cabinet that frames our refrigerator. So, I measured and ordered the amount I needed for the project. There are many choices of wallpaper and I must admit that it was hard to not choose a print instead. Here are some very cool chalkboard inspirations to get your creative juices flowing!

Photo Source: KristenDave

photo source: Inspired by Charm

Photo  Source: MyHomeIdeas

Photo Source: Icingonthecakeblog

Photo Source: Remodelista

Photo Source: Inspiredbycharm

This wallpaper is pretty thick and quite wonderful. The great thing is that it doesn't stick to itself and since it is thick you get less air bubbles. My project just involved starting at the top and peeling and placing. It is that easy.

You can use chalk markers or the old fashion chalk. I have used both and the cool thing about this paper is that you can use both. Not all chalkboard paint and paper is created equal. Some chalkboard paper doesn’t let you erase the marker type, I have a friend who found this out on a little chalkboard. I feel the old fashion chalk has a nice organic style, but it does take a little getting use to in regards to applying pressure and finding the exact thickness of line you prefer. 

Next, comes the fun part! Coloring and printing on a chalkboard can be a little intimidating since the grand scale is visible to everyone. But, the cool thing that I quickly realized is that it is erasable, and so you can practice all you want. I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration and some basic designs and ideas. Also, don’t be afraid to play around and have fun with your artwork.

The beauty of removable wallpaper is that you can make it temporary but also, it can stay on your walls as long as you like. Have fun and let me know if you try it, I would love to see how your project comes out.


JORD Wood Watch

This year my hubby is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of his 21st birthday. That means he's... well you can do the math. This summer we received a watch from JORD, also known as, to try out. JORD is the Swedish word for "earth, soil, land" and this beautiful watch is a reflection of earth's finest elements. We picked the Fieldcrest Series in black. I knew immediately I found the perfect gift! The JORD Fieldcrest watch is simply stunning.

photo credit:

It's monochromatic black face and gorgeous wood grain band showcase the sustainable materials that JORD uses to build each watch. The face, bezel and watch band are made of wood. Each watch is artisan made with different kinds of wood, so no two watches are the same. In our world, that is becoming more and more conscious about using sustainable products, I believe JORD has cornered the market on gorgeous wood products. They use sustainable and natural wood from all over the globe, such as bamboo, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, zebrawood, koa, purple heart, ebony and rosewood. Wood is the main feature of each piece.

Each JORD watch comes in a wooden "J" engraved box. It's so cool!  The watch is gorgeous!

My husband isn't an accessory guy, but he does love a good watch. I knew he would like this gift, but I was surprised at how much he LOVES it. He was immediately impressed with the look of the watch and tried it on. Thanks to a professional customer service agent and a simple online "chat" I was able to measure his wrist before we received the watch. It came in the mail perfectly sized to my husband's wrist, but with an extra link, just in case. He tells me every day that he is surprised at how comfortable it is to wear. The wood warms to his skin and its smooth surface feels very natural and comfortable. This watch is meant to be lived in and for an "on the go" guy like my hubby, it's perfect!

"On the go" is our lifestyle. 
At work and on outings he is constantly complimented on this gorgeous watch. It's always a conversation starter. My son, who is going off to college, has been admiring it the most, so I'm going to order one for him as a going away gift. JORD has a new and devoted customer base in my family. My husband is so generous, and rarely buys anything for himself, just said he may just give our son the Fieldcrest watch since he loves it so much. Then he'll order a new one. Most of these photos are taken with my son because he was borrowing the watch for the day and trying it out. He loves having something so unique, fashionable, and comfortable.

Fieldcrest Black Sandalwood

Time for coffee

The Fieldcrest series goes with any event happening in my husband's day. He can wear it to work with a dress shirt and tie or to the poker club in a rock t-shirt or polo. It's very versatile but stylish. It's modern look and natural design make it a classic.

JORD watches are meant to be used and enjoyed not just worn. It's important to know they are not waterproof.  They are considered splash proof. Too much water would, of course, damage the gorgeous wood pieces so intricately picked to build each band.  Set it aside while washing the dishes or taking a dip in the pool.

I know I want one next. I've even picked it out and it's going on my Christmas list.
Photo credit:

Hubby, please buy me the JORD Cora Turquoise and Zebra. Thank you. xoxo

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