Lucy at CraftBerryBush

Introducing the Lovely, Ms Craftberry Bush

Hi Happy Happy Nester readers... Marci here! I'm Janine's assistant and fellow San Francisco adventurer, but we'll talk about me another time.  I'm really excited to introduce an amazing artist and fellow blogger, Lucy.  She has a beautiful website, that is absolutely dreamy.  I am swooning over all of her beautiful creations and in awe of her talent.

Creativity and art have been a big part of Lucy's life since she was a 'young child growing up in a family of musicians and artist, surrounded by canvases, brushes and paints.'  She talks about her blog as a virtual diary for her children and a creative outlet for herself, but I believe it is much, much more.  Lucy is an artist. It's taken her a while to call herself that, but she is an artist, and I might add an incredibly talented and generous one. Lucy lovingly shares her decor ideas, inspirations, tutorials, and most important her art and even offers something free to her readers every month.  This March she is offering a beautiful, magnolia-inspired, watercolor calendar for your desktop or phone wallpaper.  I downloaded mine the minute it came out and I LOVE IT! Hurry and get yours now! I'll wait...

Here is the link: Calendar. Don't forget to watch for the April download too. She is also offering an Easter Nest printable that would compliment any of your Spring or Holiday decor.

Here is the link: Easter Print

The Interview:

I was fortunate to able to ask Lucy a few questions about her art and inspiration and I'd love to share it with you:

HHN: What's your favorite thing to paint?

LUCY: My favourite thing to paint are flowers. If you observe a flower closely, you will  find that every petal is a little different from the other. Some are bigger some are smaller, some curvier than others, some are darker some are lighter etc. Yet when you see it as a whole,even with all of its imperfections  it is a thing of complete beauty.

HHN: When did you fall in love with watercolor?

LUCY: I have painted for as long as I can remember and have experimented with most paint mediums. But I have only been painting with watercolor for the past two years.

HHN: What's your favorite color? What's your favorite water color?

LUCY: This is a tough question, because as an artist I crave color, but I love white and white is not really considered a color so you got me.

HHN: After you've created a painting do you ever want to live in it when it's done?

LUCY: I love this question because it just inspired me to paint a  cobble stone path in Venice. In my opinion,I think that is one of the true tests of great art; transporting your audience into your painting and evoking that feeling of wanting to be in the painting. I will strive for that. 

HHN: Who is your favorite painter/artist?

LUCY:  It might seem like an unlikely match, but Ted Geisel (A.K.A Dr.Seuss) 

HHN: What do you love about their work?

LUCY; He was not only a genius with his words, but he also illustrated his own work with outlandish creatures full of magic and wonder. 
I just admire his creativity and his ability to inspire children and even adults with his words.

HHN:  When did you know people would buy your work? How did you sell it?

LUCY: Sharing my art with the public is something that took a lot of courage for me to do. To me, art is like part of my soul and putting it out there is a very vulnerable and humbling feeling. Realizing that not everyone will love what you do, you open yourself up to both, positive and negative feedback. 
So far, this community has been nothing but supportive and kind. It was that encouragement that lead me to opening a 'shop' on Society6. I chose Society6 because it allows me to focus solely on creating. However, as the interest in my art grows, I am looking at other venues to carry my designs so I may expand the line. I would love to be able to create fabrics, stationary etc.
 I'm humbled everyday when someone tells me that they purchased something I painted and is displayed in their home. It is something that I do not take for granted and I am very grateful for. 

Isn't she great?!? I am so in love with all of Lucy's watercolors and paper crafts!! I have a long exciting list of things I'm going to try from her blog.  Here are a few of my favorites from

Lucy, CraftBerry Bush is so talented and we are excited about everything she is up to!  We would like to thank her for taking the time to chat with The Happy Happy Nester and sharing her thoughts about her art and inspirations! We adore her art and hope that she continues to bloom. We are inspired and we hope you are too. Leave a note, we would love to hear your thoughts.


Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent


Persil Laundry Detergent is Incredible...
Sweepstakes giveaway in post!*

I'm so excited to share with you this fun and interesting story. This post does not contain your typical story line or cast of characters. It weaves an odd list: a dozen or more of men's socks, a lawn mowing business, a Lhapso Apso named Ranger, and the European laundry detergent Persil. But, before I continue on, I really need to introduce to you my new blog partner named, Marci. She is such an amazing friend and person, such an inspiration to me. We hope to be a strong team who can bring you more posts in the future.

~ A Note About Marci ~

When I was little, I would stay at my Aunt Luzon's house. She did all her laundry outside in an old fashion tub and ringer. She was in her thirties at the time, and she did everything the old fashioned way. She baked from scratch, canned fruits and vegetables, and she was amazing and beautiful. My cousins and I loved going over to her house to help with laundry. We'd wash everything by hand, then ring it out, then rinse, then ring it out again, then hang it on her clothes lines. She had the freshest smelling laundry I've ever seen or smelled. 
It was kind of magical!

Today's story comes from Marci's wonderful family. Let's begin with her teenage son who has a neighborhood mowing business. He loves his white crew socks, but unfortunately they get pretty dirty when he mows lawns. Unlike most teenagers, he does his own laundry and takes great pride in getting his socks super white. So, like most of us know, he has found that white socks are a tough thing to achieve! He conducted his own little test, comparing Tide detergent, Oxyclean and bleach. So, immediately when I heard of his obsession with white laundry, I knew it was the perfect challenge for Persil ProClean laundry detergent. So while Marci's son was at school, we decided to take his little basket of socks and wash them in Persil ProClean. This detergent has been available in Germany and the United Kingdom since 1907. It is finally available in the United States, and can be found only at Walmart.

*"The Persil brand provided me with a sample of Persil ProClean laundry detergent in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own."


As you can see in this photo his socks are pretty dirty and has some green grass stains. We tired to make them not look too dirty by adding the pretty pink Camellia!



So, here are Marci's great washing machines. Supposedly, Persil is ranked the top detergent for front load washers. We used the powder Power-Pearls along with the Power-Caps. When the first load was complete, we were giddy with excitement!



Here are the results, pretty amazingly white! It turns out we didn't need to use the smelly bleach and spot clean any of the socks. It only took one wash cycle and now we have one very happy boy, you've gotta love that smile!


Here is the second part of our story. Ranger is Marci's dog who is a little disturbed about his new surroundings. So, the morning I arrived at Marci's house to work on this post, Ranger had peed on their Pottery Barn slipcover sofa. This was not the first time he committed this crime! So, this photo is appropriate that he looks like he is serving a little bit of time in his doghouse! I of course fell in love with his adorable face and we are trying to figure out why he is having a difficult time adjusting to their recent move. So, we quickly washed the slipcover and now the scent is quite lovely and she is happy and so is Ranger.


Ranger's ragamuffin appearance melts my heart. We used to have an Old English Sheepdog, so I'm a little partial to furry pups!


Finally, we had to test this detergent further with a coffee stain. It felt so wrong dipping a white napkin in strongly brewed coffee, but we couldn't have a post if we didn't try the coffee stain. When washing this coffee stain napkin, we soaked it in the Power-Liquid detergent for about five minutes. Well, it came out so bright and clean. It did such an amazing job and we are now fans of this new laundry detergent. Take a look at our nice results...





Here is a little background on this great detergent. It was developed in Germany in 1907, by an industrial chemist, James Boyce. He combined sodium perborate (a bleaching agent) and sodium silicate and made the first "self activated" laundry detergent. Before Persil soap, washing powder was just crushed up soap that had little cleaning ability. Now with this self activating power, small bubbles permeate and bleach out stains. 

We've officially become Persil converts and fans! We were approached by their affiliate company to try the detergent and write a blog post on our opinions. I must admit I was a little concerned that it wouldn't live up to my expectations. Once the dirty socks came out of the washer, both Marci and I had a mouth dropping response! So, the bottom line is that this innovative laundry detergent is incredible and you need to try it out for yourself!

It comes in many forms:

Power-Liquid which contains powerful combination of stain-fighters that help break down stains for an exception clean.

Power-Caps, contains Pro-Lift Stain Removers plus a brightness formula for a premium clean.

Power-Pearls, a new kind of detergent that is loaded with Pro-White technology for dazzling whites and also colors. There's also a sensitive skin version, but according to wikipedia the company has focused highly on using "natural" ingredients and "skin-friendly" formulations.

We're so excited to announce that Persil ProClean is holding a sweepstakes! You can win a year supply of Persil and a premium night out on the town. Premium night on town includes a $300 Nordstrom gift card, $200 Open Table gift card, and a $150 Uber card credit. A second place winner will also receive a year supply of Persil. Here is the link: sweepstakes. This contest runs 3/13/15 through 4/12/15. Good luck!

Have you tried any of these detergents? Please share you comments, we would love to hear your experience.


Rifle Paper Company

Rifle Paper Company...

i love rifle paper company. if you aren't acquainted with this company, you need to be! i just adore all their products and as you can see they are now creating beautiful dreamy wallpaper. they have an vintage inspired look intertwined with bright and whimsical colors. i find that i'm now addicted to their wonderful designs and can't seem to get enough of them in my home. here is a little background about the company:

"Rifle Paper Co. is a stationery and gift brand based in Winter Park, Florida founded and owned by husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond. The company officially launched via in November 2009 and what began as a small business based out of Anna and Nathan's garage apartment has quickly grown into an international brand over the last four and a half years."

anna bond was a freelance illustrator for a couple of years and when a close friend asked her to design her wedding invitations, this was the initial catalyst that combined annas love for graphic design and illustration. she began to post wedding sets online and blogs quickly began featuring them. their company's first client was anthropologie, who shares the same beautiful vintage aesthetic. now her invitations are featured in martha stewart living, southern living, lucky, o the oprah magazine, and real simple wedding.

i find it interesting that in this electronic world in which we live, there is a resurgence of gorgeous paper. i'm happy that paper products have made a comeback and are celebrated in a new way. i hope you have a chance to find and buy some of these great products. here are a few of the crafts i have made with their paper. 


i bought their wrapping paper and covered some containers. we have cute pencil holders that are really easy to make. here is the link to the project: upcycling containers

i recently bought their pretty iphone case. i love the look and it makes me smile! here is the link to it on amazon: phone case

i made these fun cork board place mats with rifle paper. i ended up laminating the paper and here is the link to that post: DIY place mats

source: amazon

i bought my daughter the "little women" book and i love the illustrations! here is the amazon link: classic books  

i hope you have enjoyed this little paper inspiration. rifle paper company has brought many paper products back to a new level and i'm so happy! they have so many cute products that i want to buy. let me know if you have a favorite card or paper, i would love to hear what you think of this extremely creative and successful company. 


       source: rifle paper

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