Our Pottery Barn Decor

For most of the month of July, Pottery Barn hosted an Instagram campaign to share your favorite memories of your Pottery Barn home decor. It is interesting that when we took stock of all the Pottery Barn products in our two houses, they did hold many fond memories in our lives! Pottery Barn sets the standard on home decor and their products are classic and well built, they are pieces that have lasting power. It wasn't surprising to us that their decor has woven many great stories in our homes. So, for those of you not on Instagram, I thought it would be nice to feature all that we shared. Also, it has been wonderful that Pottery Barn featured us on their blog, "Inside Out!" We are so excited with all the love they have shown us.

~ A Note About the Nester ~

I remember as a child, I loved to rearrange my furniture in my bedroom. It was so much fun to move my bed, dresser, and desk. My passion for home decorating started back when I was in elementary school. I guess I should've majored in Interior Design rather than Graphic Design. 

~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~ Janine

I'll let you in on a secret, my husband chose our place without me seeing it in person. I was so busy trying to sell our residence in Seattle while also, taking care of two little ones and watching over my senior age parents. So, he bought this cute one story ranch style home in Northern California without me! I guess we have similar taste in most everything, so it worked out fine. We have made a lot of changes and after painting walls, bumping out walls and adding some great touches like this "Home" pillow from Pottery Barn, I'm feeling like our place is now a cozy one.

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~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~  Janine

When we lived in Seattle, we had a nasty storm that took out our electricity for about a week. We used tons of candles for light and I was so happy that I have quite a collection of candles and candlesticks. The light that candles give off is a very soft and romantic light, so when the electricity went back on, it was almost a let down to return to the harsh modern lighting. 

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~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~ Marci

My son graduated in June and is moving away to college. He and his dog, Ranger, hang out on our Pottery Barn Basic Sofa Sleeper every afternoon and hang out with friends or family. I don't know who will miss our son more, me or Ranger, but I know we're keeping a spot for him on the sofa!

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~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~ Janine

I grew up in Southern California and also met my husband in Los Angeles. And so when we decided to relocate to Northern California we were delighted to be returning to the land of sunshine. It was comforting and familiar, and I was coming back home. When we moved into our house, we had lots to do to make it our space. Originally, our bedroom was a bright, bright yellow that was great in the mornings, but not so much in the quiet of the night. So, I repainted the room and was on a mission to design a serene and cozy space. These Pottery Barn Cameron drapes were a perfect addition to making the room an oasis from our busy and stressful lives. Their blue color adds to the coastal look I wanted to create. I couldn't be happier with their classic look and quality. They nicely block the early morning summer light, so on the weekends we have the luxury to sleep in and get the needed rest our tired bodies are craving. I'm so happy with the little nest that I created in our bedroom. Do you have a lovely nest in your home?

~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~ Marci

I bought my Pottery Barn headboard in 2006 after my first ever trip to Hawaii. My oldest daughter moved away to college and we had space for a guest room. I wanted our guest room to feel like a true vacation spot. Our family has moved three times since then and I am still committed to having a beautiful and relaxing room for friends and family. The puppies and I even sneak a nap or time with a new novel when we can. I did say it's my favorite room!

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~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~ Janine

When we lived in Seattle, warm drinks were our life. I was always holding a cup of tea around! So, I love our Pottery Barn tiered tray since it holds all our tea and coffee essentials. It will be a favorite in our kitchen for years to come.

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I love this beautiful tray from Pottery Barn. Breakfast in bed is a perfect way to start a Saturday!

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These are Pottery Barn's Great White Bowls. Don't you just love Marci's collection?

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~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~ Janine

I have a gazillion pillows. This reminds me of when our kids were younger and our Pottery Barn pillows were always used to make forts, a landing pad at the bottom of our stairs, and a nest for a top bunk bed. This cute cream pillow has seen it all! I'm sure your home can tell many stories too.

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~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~ Janine

This cute little San Francisco pillow holds a ton of meaning to me. Five years ago, I moved back to my birth state of California. And it's been a great homecoming. Returning to a place where you grew up, met your spouse, and have tons of memories is like coming home to your family. And this pillow already has this status in our home!

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~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~ Marci

When our oldest kids became teenagers, I purchased this Pottery Barn Solano Mirror and hung it in our main hallway. This beautiful mirror has seen new school outfits, prom dresses, tuxedoes, flexing muscles, good (and bad) hair days and has been the cornerstone for hundreds of selfies. I catch glimpses of our family life when I walk past this mirror; it's a window into our wonderland. 

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~ Our Pottery Barn Story ~ Janine

For one of my husband's birthdays, I bought him a beer-making kit and these stunning Pottery Barn glasses. During the crisp Autumn days, he brews his homemade beer outside on our patio. Then during the warm summer months you'll find him in this exact spot enjoying them most weekends. Of course, the tall chilled glasses make the beer taste better!

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We are loving the new Fall Pottery Barn look!

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~  Our Pottery Barn Story ~  Marci

We purchased this Chloe coffee table in 2001 via catalog. Our boys were little and we lived in Iowa during the coldest winter in 20 years.  The three of them played endless games jumping from couch to table avoiding lava traps in their cowboys boots.  (How does one contain three boys under six in the coldest winter ever?) As they've grown, the table has been used for puzzles, board games, spreading out homework and an Xbox console.  It's worn and loved and now I use it for coffee mugs and holding pretty things.  I would gladly go back to that coldest winter though. 

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This is what our home looks like when the camera isn't around! I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Our homes have many stories and I would love if you would share some of yours with us!


Tempaper Small DIY Project

Tempaper Small DIY Project


I'm a member of a group of talented bloggers, Bay Area Home. We all live in the San Francisco Bay Area and we all have home decor blogs. Recently, we were approached by a company, Tempaper who makes temporary wallpaper. All of us had the opportunity to choose our own paper and write a blog post about the challenge. I find it so interesting that you can give everyone the same project and the end results are so different and amazing. So, make sure you check out all our projects,

Alright, our entertainment center in our living room used to be a honey walnut color (Living Room Remodel), and when we remodeled our home, we had it painted white. I've always felt that it was a little bit too white and needed some touches of color to brighten up the space. When Tempaper approached me to use their temporary wallpaper, I was delighted about using it in our entertainment center. I felt it would be the perfect solution to the room. It was pretty obvious that I should pick the Tempaper Zee Honey Wheat Chevron for the space, but, of course, the bold design was going to make a bold statement. I eventually got over my little fear and got to work on the project.

~ A Little Note About the Nester ~

On our first home that we owned, I installed wallpaper in every room and hallway! Looking back, I probably would still like my choices of paper.


Here is some information from Tempaper in regards to the application and process:

1. We always recommend two people for the job.

2. Apply to a wall that has a satin/semi-gloss painted surface. If you apply to a wall painted in a matte finish, you run the risk of Tempaper adhering to the wall and upon removal taking some of the paint off of the wall. 

3. Make sure you have all of your tools before you start.

4. Give yourself time.

5. It is Not recommended that it can be re-used.

6. We do suggest overlapping the paper just a bit from panel to panel to avoid splitting seams in environments that can be subjected to temperature variances.

Tempaper Zee Honey Wheat Chevron

At the beginning of the project, I decided to find out if the paper looked ok in the entertainment center. I just hung it up, so I could get a general feel if the paper was right for the room. I will do this a lot with my projects, just temporarily hang or tape the decor in place. I also took this photo so I would have a better visual idea of how it would look. I loved the Tempaper in this room, so I went ahead and started to install the paper.

temporary wallpaper

So basically, I used a right angle ruler, measuring tape, pencil, scissors and a little ladder. I measured my space and then measured the paper. I made sure to cut the paper a tiny bit longer since it is best to be longer than shorter.

DIY project

temporary wall paper

The process of putting up the paper is alright, I found getting the air bubbles out was probably the hardest part. I tried using a squeegee, plastic ruler and finally my fingers. I found working it with my hands was the best. It does take some time and effort, but I really believe it was worth it. In my opinion, the paper is similar to contact paper but it doesn't stick to itself and is a bit easier to manipulate.

Chevron wallpaper

temporary wallpaper


Adding a fun temporary wallpaper to our living room was a fun project for me, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the results. It is an easy way to change up a room and not spend a whole heck of a lot on the project. I decorated the entertainment center since our walls have a slight orange peel surface. If you have smooth walls, you might consider this fun and easy solution of adding an accent to your rooms. Let me know if you like this post and would like to try this project. 


Rainbow Jell-O

Rainbow Jello

I wish I could invite you all to one of my Grandmother's parties. She is the loveliest hostess I have ever encountered. She organizes incredible dinners and the most magical holiday parties I've ever attended. I also wish I could invite you to her couples dinner parties, book club luncheons,  and theatrical events. She's pretty special.

One of my favorite dishes that she makes is Rainbow Jell-O. I know, you're thinking "Jell-O?" YES! Jell-O. Her rainbow Jell-O is a family favorite and a dish we look forward to at family gatherings. I could write more about her coloring contests, animated storytelling, festive d├ęcor from wall-to-wall, personal notes and scrapbooks, but her Jell-O is a the "creme de la creme" of our family parties.  I would even call it edible art.

~ A note about the Nester ~

We used to have chickens, and we let them free roam our property. Once we had a dinner party and all of the adults were socializing outside when my son came and told me the chickens were in the house. I went inside to "shoo" them out and found them on my kitchen counter eating the Jell-O! Needless to say, chickens like rainbow Jell-O too!! I'm telling you; it's an HIT!

Grandma shared her recipe with me for an event I was having a few years ago, and I've been making it ever since. It takes some time, but this dish is 100% worth it. You will "wow" your guests and never have leftovers! It's important to note you should avoid making this dish the day of a party, always prepare it the day before or even two days before if you're very busy. Gelatin needs time to cool and set.

Here is the list of ingredients:

6 colors of Jell-O in the 3oz boxes; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
6 cups boiling water
3 cups sour cream - 1/2 cup for each color
3 cups ice water - 1/2 cup for each color (I fill a pitcher with ice water)
Gelatin mold or bundt pan
Kitchen Timer
Mixing Bowl
Sauce Pan

Here is a link to buy Jell-O in every color. 


I hope I can explain this in a way that is systematic and easy to understand. The process takes the whole day, or at least 5 minutes here and there for the day. I would suggest making this on a day that you are doing laundry or binge watching Downton Abbey. Just be patient and imagine a masterpiece, it's worth it, I promise.

Before mixing and creating Jell-o magic, get out all of your ingredients.  Put the bundt pan in the fridge so it can chill. Make a pitcher of ice water, whatever you don't use for gelatin making you can drink later. Water is good for you!

Start with one color, I like to begin with RED:

*  Boil 1 cup of water in a saucepan.
*  Add one gelatin packet to boiled water and stir for 2 minutes. Now...
*  Measure 1/2 cup sour cream and put in mixing bowl. Measure 1/2 cup of the hot gelatin mixture and combine with sour cream in the mixing bowl. Whisk gently to blend the cream and gelatin.
*  Add 1/2 cup of ice water to the remaining gelatin mixture in the saucepan and stir.

You should have one clear red mixture and one creamy pink mixture in the mixing bowl.

Spoon or ladle the clear red mixture into the chilled bundt pan. Place it gently in the fridge and set
your timer for 30 minutes.  Place the sour cream mixture in a cool place in your kitchen. I don't want to put the sour cream mixture in the fridge, or it will set up and you won't be able to add it to the next layer.  As long as I'm timing this process I'm confident about leaving it out for a little while. When the timer goes off I ladle the sour cream mixture onto the clear red gelatin that should be mostly firm. It's important to spoon or ladle the mixture gently onto the layer below. Otherwise, the clear and creamy gelatins will combine, and I won't have defined layers. If I do happen to break the layer and the colors start to mix, I just tell my guests that I did that on purpose. I like to call it "Tie-dye Jell-O." My kids or guests love it!!

It's time for step 2:

Pick a color, I like to use ORANGE:

Repeat the instructions above.  Each box of Jell-o takes about 30 minutes to an hour to set up. Some people have the fortunate luck that their Jell-O sets up in 15 minutes. I am not one of those people.  This means I can do each color section in roughly under an hour and still get things done around the house.  I usually decorate for the party or check in on Mary Crawley, of Downtown Abbey, and her newest love interest. I'm still mourning the loss of Matthew and don't even get me started on Sybil.... insert weeping sounds here.

Now that I've done RED and ORANGE, it's time to do the other colors, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, and PURPLE.  When I start making the blue layer, I get excited. I'm so curious about how the other layers of Jell-O are doing. Remember clear layer, then creamy layer, clear layer, then creamy layer.  Easy right?!

Once I've got all of my Jell-O layers poured and stacked I should have a lovely lavender layer at the top.   I place the bundt pan very gently in the fridge and let it rest overnight. I have even let it rest two nights depending what's going on at our house.

To unmold the Jell-O, I fill a sink or container with warm water. Rest the bundt pan in the warm (not hot) water for about 10- 20 seconds, not too long or it will start to melt... right Janine? Ha ha ha. We had a short, panicky moment when unmolding our Jell-O. Then with clean fingers loosen the sides of the Jell-O from the sides of the bundt pan. Squeeze the bundt pan firmly, but gently on all sides to loosen the gelatin from the mold. I place the serving platter upside down on top of the bundt pant. Invert the bundt pant and platter. Gently squeeze the bundt pan to help release the Jell-O. Very slowly lift the bundt pan and reveal the rainbow creation.

Ta-da! Now that we've successfully unmolded our rainbow Jell-O we can serve it.  Sometimes I like to add fruit to garnish the platter. This dish has an excellent combination of fruit flavors, and the sour cream adds a yogurt-like texture. I've made this recipe a dozen times. I've also made many variations of it. For example, I've substituted the sour cream with sweetened condensed milk (who doesn't love sweetened condensed milk?) or yogurt. You can use gelatin colors based on what you have in your pantry or whatever event you're celebrating. I love to make red, white and blue Jell-O for the fourth of July or red and green Jell-O for Christmas parties. The other way I make this dish is in a clear pyrex lasagna size pan. You can still see all of the rainbow colors, but you don't have the stress of unmolding it. My son loves when I make layers of just orange flavored Jell-O and add mandarin oranges to it. It's Magnifique!

However you try this recipe, I hope you enjoy it. I know your family and guests will love it. It's an inexpensive and beautiful looking side dish, and you won't have any leftovers.

Bon Appetite!

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